How can I clear a model created with Keras and Tensorflow(as backend)?


I have a problem when training a neural net with Keras in Jupyter Notebook. I created a sequential model with several hidden layers. After training the model and saving the results, I want to delete this model and create a new model in the same session, as I have a for loop that checks the results for different parameters. But as I understand the errors I get, when changing the parameters, when I loop over, I am just adding layers to the model (even though I initialise it again with network = Sequential() inside the loop). So my question is, how can I completely clear the previous model or how can I initialise a completely new model in the same session?


keras.backend.clear_session() should clear the previous model. From <a href="https://keras.io/backend/" rel="nofollow">https://keras.io/backend/</a>:


Destroys the current TF graph and creates a new one. Useful to avoid clutter from old models / layers.



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