VBA: Create an array of class module


I'm trying to create an array of my custom class, but it gives me this error:


Run-time error '91':

Object variable or With block variable not set


Here is my code so far:

Sub DBM_Format() Dim coreWS As Worksheet Dim WS As Worksheet Dim LastRow As Long Dim RowRange As Long Dim dataList() As clsDBM Dim tmpdate As Date Set coreWS = Sheets(ActiveSheet.Name) 'Set WS = Sheets.Add LastRow = coreWS.Columns("A").Cells.Find("*", SearchOrder:=xlByRows, LookIn:=xlValues, SearchDirection:=xlPrevious).row RowRange = LastRow - 1 Dim row As Integer ReDim Preserve dataList(RowRange) Dim i As Integer Dim tmpData As clsDBM For i = 0 To (RowRange - 1) row = i + 2 tmpData.setDate = Format(Cells(row, 2), "MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss") tmpData.setBloodGlucose = Cells(row, 3) tmpData.setCH = Cells(row, 4) tmpData.setInzulinF = Cells(row, 5) tmpData.setInzulinL = Cells(row, 6) tmpData.setCategory = Cells(row, 8) tmpData.setDayOfWeek = Weekday(dataList(i).pDate, vbMonday) 'dataList(i).setDate = Format(Cells(row, 2), "MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss") 'dataList(i).setBloodGlucose = Cells(row, 3) 'dataList(i).setCH = Cells(row, 4) 'dataList(i).setInzulinF = Cells(row, 5) 'dataList(i).setInzulinL = Cells(row, 6) 'dataList(i).setCategory = Cells(row, 8) 'dataList(i).setDayOfWeek = Weekday(dataList(i).pDate, vbMonday) Set dataList(i) = tmpData Next i End Sub

And the class module:

Option Explicit Public pDayOfWeek As Integer Public pDate As Date Public pBloodGlucose As Double Public pCH As Double Public pInzulinF As Double Public pInzulinL As Double Public pCategory As String Public Property Let setDayOfWeek(Value As Integer) pDayOfWeek = Value End Property Public Property Let setDate(Value As Date) pDate = Value End Property Public Property Let setBloodGlucose(Value As Double) pBloodGlucose = Value End Property Public Property Let setCH(Value As String) If IsNumeric(Value) Then setCH = CDbl(Value) Else setCH = 0 End If End Property Public Property Let setInzulinF(Value As String) If IsNumeric(Value) Then pInzulinF = CDbl(Value) Else pInzulinF = 0 End If End Property Public Property Let setInzulinL(Value As String) If IsNumeric(Value) Then pInzulinL = CDbl(Value) Else pInzulinL = 0 End If End Property Public Property Let setCategory(Value As String) If Value = "Something" Then If Hour(pDate) < 9 Then pCategory = "Something" ElseIf Hour(pDate) < 11 Then pCategory = "Something" ElseIf Hour(pDate) < 14 Then pCategory = "Something" ElseIf Hour(pDate) < 16 Then pCategory = "Something" ElseIf Hour(pDate) < 19 Then pCategory = "Something" ElseIf Hour(pDate) < 21 Then pCategory = "Something" End If Else pCategory = Value End If pCategory = Value End Property

So my class name is "clsDBM" and I'm trying to fill this array with corresponding data from a whorksheet. The table is well-formatted, there is no empty lines, so that is not the problem, but I can't figure out what is...

Is there a way to fix it and make this happen (or should I use a completely different approach :D)

Thanks in advance!


use the <strong><em>new</em></strong> operator

Dim tmpData As New clsDBM

Because this statement that you're using: Dim tmpData As clsDBM simply defines a variable container or placeholder, of <em>type</em> clsDBM with a default value of Nothing (likewise: Dim i as Integer creates an <em>empty</em> integer with a default value of 0). To create an actual <em>instance</em> of that class object, you need to New it.


To expand on Zsmaster, here's a full example filling up an Array of 5 items with your custom class:

Private myCls(0 To 4) As myClass Private Sub Test() Dim i As Integer For i = 0 To 4 Set myCls(i) = New myClass Next i End Sub

In your case, you'd have to start the loop with:

For i = 0 To (RowRange - 1) row = i + 2 Set tmpData = New clsDBM tmpData.setDate = Format(Cells(row, 2), "MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss") '... do stuff... Set dataList(i) = tmpData Next i

Or, alternatively forget about the tmpData object and do it like this:

For i = 0 To (RowRange - 1) Set dataList(i) = New clsDBM row = i + 2 dataList(i).setDate = Format(Cells(row, 2), "MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss") dataList(i). '...Do more stuff... Next i


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