Tuple error (numpy)


I padded my data using np.pad(x,[(0,0)], mode='constant') and got this error:

ValueError: Unable to create correctly shaped tuple from [(0, 0).

My x has shape (21, 4) and I want to pad it to get a shape of (22,4).

Does anyone know what is happening?


The rank of the first argument has to match the number of pairs in the second argument.

For example, observe that this gives the error that you see:

>>> x = np.ones((21, 4)) >>> np.pad(x, [(0,0)], mode='constant') Traceback (most recent call last): [...snip...] ValueError: Unable to create correctly shaped tuple from [(0, 0)]

The problem is that x has rank 2 but the second argument has only one pair, not two.

However, if we supply a second argument with two pairs, this succeeds:

>>> x2 = np.pad(x, [(0,0), (0,0)], mode='constant')

To get the final dimension that you want, we have to pad the first dimension by 1. One way to do that is:

>>> x2 = np.pad(x, [(0,1), (0,0)], mode='constant') >>> x2.shape (22, 4)


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