ISNULL returns 0 for a hardcoded column with NULL value


Why this statement return 0 instead of empty string? I am actually using a view which select statement containg hardcoded column return NULL. While I am trying to check if its a NULL, it actually returns 0.


Any suggestion or help would be appreciated...

<a href="http://i.stack.imgur.com/42Vex.png" rel="nofollow">snapshot</a>


NULL does not have a clear type, but in a plain SELECT NULL, it gets returned as type int. When you have an expression involving an int and a char(N), int wins, the char(N) value gets converted to int, not the other way around. To make things more confusing, '' happens to be convertible to int without any problem, and the result of the conversion is 0.

SELECT ISNULL((SELECT CAST(NULL AS char(1)) AS col), '') should return an empty string.


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