Performance benchmark of native android map vs webview map, what parameters can be included in the b


I am trying to compare native google maps (v2) vs the embeddable HTML version encapsulated in a webview on android. While it's pretty evident that the native maps are smoother and faster, I must prove that somehow. I have been searching on the internet for quite some time and did not seem to find any existing benchmarks. Does anybody know someone who actually done something similar? I am already thinking of creating such benchmark of my own, but how can the performance actually be measured? My ideas so far are:

<ul><li>Measure rendering of different number of markers, polylines, etc... </li> <li>Measure map tile loading (maybe not possible at all)</li> <li>Somehow measure the lag when dragging the map. This must be somehow based on the map events, but the native GoogleMap class does not seem to have something like onDragListener.</li> </ul>

If you have any ideas or know some existing resource, please help me!

<strong>-----------------EDITED 03.01.2014----------------</strong>

I already started creating my benchmark but now I am struggling with some strange issues - see <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/20482647/measure-complete-time-of-adding-showing-an-array-of-markers-to-google-maps-v3" rel="nofollow">this question for more details</a>.

The source code of the first version of my benchmark can be found <a href="https://github.com/martindobrev/MapBenchmark" rel="nofollow">here</a>. It currently does not include automated testing. Nevertheless when experimenting with adding different number of markers and lines you can get an idea of how slower html maps are. I have also uploaded a simple demo on youtube, to view it <a href="http://youtu.be/ze9V7SImBc4" rel="nofollow">click here</a>


So Your topic is pretty interesting, but remember if you are going for google maps on mobile vs web, there is mobile v2 and javascript v3. Javascript google maps has some added functionalities that mobile does not offer, you can refer the docs to find out. AND You can perform on various parameters like.<br /> 1. Time it takes to load (display) the map on the screen. <br /> 2. As you mentioned rendering on the map.<br /> 3. Performance issues on low bandwidth.<br /> 4. UI and UX.<br /> 5. Reliability<br /> 6. User Satisfaction<br /> 7. Implementation (Complete off topic but since you are doing a thesis I will recommend that)<br /> 8. Features<br /> 9. At last pricing. (I think upto 20000 calls per day is free on one API key on javascript v3)<br />

<strong>NOTE</strong> <br /> Anyone feel free to edit and add some more parameters for benchmarking.


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