why can quotes be left out in names of gradle tasks


I don't understand why we don't need to add quotes to the name of gradle task when we declare it like:

task hello (type : DefaultTask) { }

I've tried in a groovy project and found that it's illegal, how gradle makes it works. And I don't understand the expression above neither, why we can add (type : DefaultTask), how can we analyze it with groovy grammar?


As an example in a GroovyConsole runnable form, you can define a bit of code thusly:

// Set the base class for our DSL @BaseScript(MyDSL) import groovy.transform.BaseScript // Something to deal with people class Person { String name Closure method String toString() { "$name" } Person(String name, Closure cl) { this.name = name this.method = cl this.method.delegate = this } def greet(String greeting) { println "$greeting $name" } } // and our base DSL class abstract class MyDSL extends Script { def methodMissing(String name, args) { return new Person(name, args[0]) } def person(Person p) { p.method(p) } } // Then our actual script person tim { greet 'Hello' }

So when the script at the bottom is executed, it prints Hello tim to stdout

But David's answer is the correct one, this is just for example

<a href="http://docs.groovy-lang.org/docs/latest/html/documentation/core-domain-specific-languages.html" rel="nofollow">See also here in the documentation for Groovy</a>


A Gradle build script is a Groovy DSL application. By careful use of "methodMissing" and "propertyMissing" methods, all magic is possible.

I don't remember the exact mechanism around "task ". I think this was asked in the Gradle forum (probably more than once).


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