Alternative dependencies in a Homebrew formula (e.g. for use with gcc)


How can I describe alternative dependencies in a Homebrew formula? There are two different kinds I'm thinking of.

<h3>1. Alternative packages</h3>

My formula can depend on package P or Q, but it must have one of them. So, I want either

depends_on 'P'


depends_on 'Q'

and I need at least one.

<h3>2. Alternative flags for the same package</h3>

My formula requires another package X for building, and it needs a package X with one of two flags, A and B. That is, I want either

depends_on 'X' => [:build, 'A']


depends_on 'X' => [:build, 'B']

and I need at least one.


A specific example of where these alternative dependencies would be useful is a formula depending on gcc. There are multiple packages for gcc (e.g. gcc4[3-9]), which could be supported by #1 above. gcc has a flag enable-all-languages which implies enable-java, so if a formula that requires gcj would use #2 to specify the alternative flags.


I recently discovered that it is possible to have dependencies conditionally determined by options. The general scheme is:

<pre class="lang-ruby prettyprint-override">option 'with-Q', 'Depend on Q instead of P' depends_on 'P' if !build.with?('Q') depends_on 'Q' if build.with?('Q')

This can also be used for one dependency with alternative flags. This example is taken from my <a href="https://github.com/spl/homebrew-pdftk/blob/956920b0ccc5cf65941c05d091d4d7cd967e2f32/pdftk.rb" rel="nofollow">pdftk formula</a>:

<pre class="lang-ruby prettyprint-override">option 'with-java', 'Build gcc using --with-java instead of --with-all-languages' depends_on 'gcc' => ['with-all-languages'] if !build.with?('java') depends_on 'gcc' => ['with-java'] if build.with?('java')

This is not a perfect solution to dealing with alternative dependencies, but it is probably the only one that Homebrew will support.


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