Android MVVM - How to make LiveData emits the data it has (forcing to trigger the observer)


I have this ViewModel that gets a list from the network and I populate a RecyclerView with the data (MyAvailabilityRepository returns a MutableLiveData, that's why i'm using Transformations.switchMap):

class MyAvailabilityViewModel : ViewModel() { private val getListsParams = MutableLiveData<String>() private val getListsObservable = Transformations.switchMap(getListsParams) { organizationId -> MyAvailabilityRepository.getSectionedLists(organizationId) } fun getListsObservable() : LiveData<Resource<MutableList<SectionedAvailabilityList>>> { return getListsObservable } fun fetchLists(organizationId: String, forceRefresh: Boolean = false) { if (getListsParams.value == null || forceRefresh) { getListsParams.value = organizationId } } }

Fragment's onActivityCreated:

override fun onActivityCreated(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) { ... viewModel.getListsObservable().observe(this, Observer { // populate RecyclerView }) viewModel.fetchLists(organizationId) }

Since getListParams.value is null the first time, it will set getListsParams.value = organizationId and trigger the switchMap and call the repository to get the list from the network.

When I want to force a refresh (by pull-to-refresh) and call the network again, I can use forceRefresh = true:

override fun onRefresh() { viewModel.fetchLists(organizationId, forceRefresh = true) }

It will set the value of organizationId and trigger the Transformations that will then call network.

But, I have a scenario where I clear the data from my RecyclerView's adapter. If after that, the user click a button, I would like to trigger the observer again so that I re-populate the adapter with the data that the getListsObservable has already fetched. I don't want to call forceRefresh on this one cause i'm sure I already have the data and I would just like to trigger the observer again so that my UI is updated with the existing data. Since getListParams.value is not null at that point, then nothing happens when I call fetchLists(organizationId) later on.

Any idea of how I could achieve that with my current setup?


Try removeObservers() and observe() again:

viewModel.getListsObservable().removeObservers(this) viewModel.getListsObservable().observe(this, Observer { // populate RecyclerView })



If LiveData already has data set, it will be delivered to the observer.


See the <a href="https://developer.android.com/reference/android/arch/lifecycle/LiveData#observe(android.arch.lifecycle.LifecycleOwner,%20android.arch.lifecycle.Observer%3CT%3E)" rel="nofollow">docs</a>.

Or maybe you can change the getListsObservable() to return a MutableLiveData, then call setValue manually:

fun loadCurrentData() { getListsObservable.value = getListsObservable.value }


Yes, the answer given by Hong Duan is perfect. I am just going to extend that answer here,

The better of way doing is having an extension function.

My extension function looks like this,

fun <T> MutableLiveData<T>.forceRefresh() { this.value = this.value }

Caller function looks like this,


Happy Coding!!


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