line break and subscript in axis title using plotly in R


I just started to use plotly for some interactive scatter plots in R and having a hard time on axis labels. Normally I designed my plots with ggplot2 and then using the ggplotly function to convert them, but this is sometimes very slow for any reason. So I want to create my plots directly in plotly...

I am trying now to change the axis title and want to add line breaks and later I also want to add subscript labels. But I am already failing at the newline in the title. Is there any trick?

library(plotly) library(dplyr) plot_ly(mtcars, x = wt, y = mpg, text = rownames(mtcars), mode = "text") %>% layout(xaxis=list(title='text with\nlinebreak'))


In plotly, you can get linebreaks (and other text formatting) using html tags.

So piping

layout(xaxis=list(title='text with <br> linebreak'))

should work.

Hence, to get subscript labels use the <sub> tag. For example


will give you



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