The origin of sprintf-style string formatting


The string formatting concept found in <strong>sprintf</strong> can be found in almost any language today <em>(you know, smothering a string with %s %d %f etc. and providing a list of variables to fill their places)</em>.

<strong>Which langugage was it originally that had a library function or language construct which offered this functionality?</strong>

Please specify some kind of source reference to confirm your claim, so that we avoid pure speculation or guessing.




<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Printf" rel="nofollow">Wikipedia has a pretty thorough history.</a> It suggests that the C printf function had its origins in BCPL's writef function.


I would say all of them trace their roots back to BCPL. We used BCPL to do operating systems programming for the 6809 processor two decades ago and it had a writef() function which took arguments such as %i2 (equivalent to C's %2d).

C was based on a cut-down version of BCPL and inherited a similar mechanism for formatting output and I'm pretty certain all other instances picked it up from C after that.

I could be wrong, it won't be the first or last time, but I'm pretty confident that's right, given what I know about the BCPL language and its origins.


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