Cloud Code: Creating a Parse.File from URL


I'm working on a Cloud Code function that uses facebook graph API to retrieve users profile picture. So I have access to the proper picture URL but I'm not being able to acreate a Parse.File from this URL.

This is pretty much what I'm trying:

Parse.Cloud.httpRequest({ url: httpResponse.data["attending"]["data"][key]["picture"]["data"]["url"], success: function(httpImgFile) { var imgFile = new Parse.File("file", httpImgFile); fbPerson.set("profilePicture", imgFile); }, error: function(httpResponse) { console.log("unsuccessful http request"); } });

And its returning the following:

Result: TypeError: Cannot create a Parse.File with that data. at new e (Parse.js:13:25175) at Object.Parse.Cloud.httpRequest.success (main.js:57:26) at Object.<anonymous> (<anonymous>:842:19)



I was having trouble with this exact same problem right now. For some reason this question is already top on Google results for <strong>parsefile from httprequest buffer</strong>!

The <a href="https://www.parse.com/docs/js/api/classes/Parse.File.html" rel="nofollow">Parse.File documentation</a> says


The data for the file, as 1. an Array of byte value Numbers, or 2. an Object like { base64: "..." } with a base64-encoded String. 3. a File object selected with a file upload control. (3) only works in Firefox 3.6+, Safari 6.0.2+, Chrome 7+, and IE 10+.


I believe for CloudCode the easiest solution is <strong>2</strong>. The thing that was tripping me earlier is that I didn't notice it expects an Object with the format { base64: {{your base64 encoded data here}} }.

Also Parse.Files can only be set to a Parse.Object after being saved (this behaviour is also present on all client SDKs). I strongly recommend using the Promise version of the API as it makes much easier to compose such asynchronous operations.

So the following code will solve your problem:

<pre class="lang-js prettyprint-override">Parse.Cloud.httpRequest({...}).then(function (httpImgFile) { var data = { base64: httpImgFile.buffer.toString('base64') }; var file = new Parse.File("file", data); return file.save(); }).then(function (file) { fbPerson.set("profilePicture", file); return fbPerson.save(); }).then(function (fbPerson) { // fbPerson is saved with the image });


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