App crashes on iPhone but not on simulator


I'm using XCode 7.0b5 and created an Swift app. It runs fine on simulator but crashes on iPhone 4s when running independently (without cable). How can identify where it crashes? I read about possible memory issues. I'm reading in a large textfile, so it needs nearly 200 MB of ram. How can I check it?


I think this is a memory problem with the iPhone 4S (200 mb for 4S is a lot). You should read the crash logs in Xcode.

In Xcode with the iPhone connected you can go to Window->Devices, select your phone and press 'View Device Logs'. You will see a list with all the last crashes of the apps and with the information of the crash.



I got the solution. It is the run time. I reduced the file sizes to 10% of the original and everything runs fine. So I can test it and "improve" it to the speed limit of the iPhone 4S. :-)


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