Executing cloud functions after n seconds on demand

I am working on an application where I have to send notification to the users regarding some job, and user has to accept the job within 1 minute, if he doesn't, the job's request should be sent to the next user.I am using firestore as a database. When I

Call correct Antlr visitors without call all before visitors ultil match

I'm a little confused about how to do this. For example, I have this rule:stat : '(' expression ')' #ExpressionStatement;expression1 : expression2 ('==' expression2)* #ValidateExpression1 ;expression2 : literal ('!=' lite

Taking first and last value in a rolling window

Initial problem statementUsing pandas, I would like to apply function available for resample() but not for rolling().This works:df1 = df.resample(to_freq, closed='left', kind='period', ).agg(OrderedD

return list of points within polygon geopandas [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: Link each point in one GeoPandas dataframe to polygons in another dataframe

ksqlDB not taking rowkey properly

I have produced following data on topic named SENSOR_STATUS_DETAILS in json:1001{ "sensorid": 1001, "status": "CONNECTED", "lastconnectedtime": "2020-05-31 22:31:54"}1002{ "sensorid": 1002, "status": "CONNECTED", "lastconnectedtime

deleteMin Left Leaning read black tree need more explanation

I'm reading Left Leaning Red Black Tree in algorithms 4th edition, by Robert Sedgewick. I spent several days trying to understand the deleteMin as a warmup to understanding delete and this is my final question in my head about deleteMin. public void d

My Matomo installation doesn't work on desktop

Matomo doesn't work on desktop release. Ooops ... there was a problem during the request. Maybe the server had a temporary problem or maybe you requested a report with too much data.This is the matomo.log:'''ERROR Piwik\FrontController[2020-05-31

I am getting this “Error: FFmpeg/avconv not found!”

I am trying to create a discord bot, however receive this error every time I try to run a youtube link.Error: FFmpeg/avconv not found! at Function.getInfo (C:\Users\-\discord-bot\node_modules\prism-media\src\core\FFmpeg.js:130:11) at Functio

How to create install package for app using local SQL server database

I wrote a small app to learn more about SQL and experiment with Entity Framework. On first execution, my app creates the database locally, and after that opens the existing database. So far, so good - it works pretty well on my laptop, which has SQL Ser

How to define a return type for a DynamoDB get with TypeScript?

I have: let resItem: Schema resItem = await dynamoClient.get({ TableName, Key: { uuid: request.body.uuid } }).promise()but I get:Type 'PromiseResult' is missing the following properties from type 'Schema': uui

Scipy. interpolate griddata cubic spline returning nan instead of values [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Scipy griddata with 'linear' and 'cubic' yields nan

Unable to use TO_DATE with multiple columns merging in Google Sheets

Prior question:ArrayFormula displays dates improperly. How can I fix this?Modified formula: =ArrayFormula(TO_DATE(trim('Form Responses 1'!AG2:AG&" "&'Form Responses 1'!AH2:AH)))The solution doesn't work when there are multiple columns merging. Any

How to catch row(s) deleted in Excel VBA

I would like to get the row numbers of each deleted row after or before the rows are deleted in VBA.There is an Event BeforeDelete() but when I delete a row it is not triggered?Is there any other events or ways I could do this?Here's kinda what I want:Pr

NativeScript ./gradlew failed with exit code 1

ProblemOn Windows Subsystem Linux (WSL), during tns run android command:A problem was found with the configuration of task ':app:signingConfigWriterDebug'.File specified for property 'signingConfig.storeFile' does not exist../gradlew failed with exit

Python Roblox issue with buying limited items

So in roblox, I am trying to send a request to thier api to buy an item. Here is the code: def buyItem(self,itemid, cookie, price=None): info = self.getItemInfo(itemid) url="https://economy.roblox.com/v1/purchases/products/{}".format(info[

background color of cells in QTableview, PySide2

Is it possible to conditionally change the background color of items in a QTableView, using PySide2? I've read a lot on the model view framework . I cannot figure out if it is necessary to use a Delegate or not. Recently I was able to get a column of che

Odoo 12 can't start Custom Module - TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for -: 'tuple&#

iam new to odoo what iam trying to do is , i want to minus datetime.timedelta(days = 90) that is 90 days from the license_renewal_date = (2021,6,6) how to do it , but when i try iam getting this below errorbefore_90_days = datetime.datetime.now().date() -

Why is it throwing an error even after migrations?

I'm trying to develop a website for an online store, and after creating and registering models, I don't know why, this error is thrown. What can I do? And also after running the migrate command, it is saying no migrations to apply. How can I do this?My

How to quickly create large files in C?

I am doing research on file system performance, and I am stumped on how to create a very large file very quickly in C. Basically, I am trying to re-create a file system's folders and files by taking this metadata and storing it into a file. This is the e

Display and update FormGroup inside FormArray

I am displaying a FormArray with an *ngFor. What i am trying to do is when i click on an item in the ngFor, to populate the with that items 'task' property.Additionally, when i type/update the contents of input, the original form is updated/patched.HTM

Problem in logging into website using Jsoup

When I try to scarp my college website using Jsoup its not filling the form in the website.But when i login website using browser with same credentials its logging into the page. I have given cookies with useragent too. Its the first time i am using jsoup

Ensuring Image Data is correctly oriented on iOS App in Swift 5

I am using Firebase ML Kit for Face Detection, and in the documentation it says: If necessary, rotate the image so that its imageOrientation property is .up. Create a VisionImage object using the correctly-rotated UIImage. Do not specify any rotation

How Can I Make My Enemys Projectile Attack The Player Where Ever The Player Moves?

I have an enemy that shoots projectiles but only shoots to the right I want it to shoot at the player with any position I don't know how to do that heres a vid what I have done so fare if you could walk me throw the steps on how to do it that would be gr

Pass Build Version to Release

How does one pass the build version (say v1.2.3) from an Azure DevOps Build Pipeline to/through the Artifact to the Release? Ideally we would like our build number (in package.json) to match the release name or rather our release name should reflect the b

JavaFX WebView: how do I change the default cursor?

How do I change WebView's default cursor? Every change I make is ignored, the icon always reverts back to the default pointer.Example:import javafx.application.Application;import javafx.scene.Cursor;import javafx.scene.Scene;import javafx.scene.layout.VB