How to mutate multiple variables without repeating codes?

:I'm trying to create new variables from existing variables like below:a1+a2=a3, b1+b2=b3, ..., z1+z2=z3Here is an example data framedf <- data.frame(replicate(10,sample(1:10)))colnames(df) <- c("a1","a2","b1","b2","c1","c2","d1","d2","e

Creating random wired topology for given arbitrary number of nodes on NS2

:I want to create and simulate a wired topology using NS2. Trying to write a tcl and positioning the nodes and links using rand() .My solution was:### Create a simulator objectset ns [new Simulator]set num_node 10set num_flow 5set x_dim 150set y_dim 150##

Access to a Matlab gui from the web

:Is there a way to place a matlab gui I have on a website, such that users could use or play with, similar to java applets etc? Would I need to compile it differently in some sense? 1:MATLAB Compiler allows you to create a standalone exe which can be c

Simple stitching in c++ using opencv

:I want to transfer simple stitching code program from python to c++. I am beginner and I cannot find this function for c++. The python code is here:import cv2import numpy as npdef find_overlap_start(left_img, right_img): assert left_img.shape == right

No OpKernel was registered to support Op 'Conv2D' with these attrs

:new to this may be something dumb but cant get conv2d to runwindows 10anaconda 4.2.13python 3.5.2 C:\windows\system32>nvcc --versionnvcc: NVIDIA (R) Cuda compiler driverCopyright (c) 2005-2016 NVIDIA CorporationBuilt on Sat_Sep__3_19:05:48_CDT_2016Cuda

convert json to excel in java

:I have to convert very complex json file to json file is something like that:{"expand": "schema,names","startAt": 2,"maxResults": 120,"total": 36,"issues": [ { "expand": "editmeta,renderedFields,transitions,changelog,ope

Create/delete users from text file using Bash script

:I know this question has been asked a lot but I just can't seem to get it working and I'm kinda on the clock, okay so.I'm trying to make a bash script with a 4 option menu:1 Add single user2 Add from list3 Delete single user4 Delete from listAdding an

ReferenceError: TextEncoder is not defined

:I'm writing a simple addon in Firefox - 24, on Linux.I get the error:ReferenceError: TextEncoder is not definedwhen I do: var encoder = new TextEncoder();the function I'm using is:function write_text(filename, text) { var encoder = new TextEncoder()

How to handle a codeigniter PDF generator

:In the view page "ShowInformation.php" I have the code something like this including the omit css style code and other stuff?php foreach ($preUser as $value): ?>Citizen ID : ?php echo $value->cid;?>First Name : ?php echo $value->name;?

ARKit code issue {unknown error -1=ffffffffffffffff error: Task failed with exit 1}

:I want to learn ARKit. I got apple's sample code and other sample codes in github.There is a error, Xcode reports: /Users/.../ARKitBasics-brwextbgckvaokheuvfoqkacalvx/Build/Products/Debug-iphoneos/ unknow

Error: Can't resolve './app/app.module.ngfactory' in 'C:\\projects\\Project-

:When I Create Build for my angular 5 Application I am getting the below error.its working fine when I create buildng build it's showing error when I create buildproductionttionng build --prodi am not using the ngfactory anywhere in my application. ERRO

JavaScript RegExp Replace

:Not sure where I am doing wrong. I have a string such as Test (123x) and I am trying to find the (123x) and replace it with nothing:Here is my code var original = "Test (1x)"; var newString = original.replace(new

Time Complexity of Fibonacci Algorithm [duplicate]

: This question already has an answer here: Computational complexity of Fibonacci Sequence 12 answers So, i've got a recursive method in Java for getting the 'n'th fibonacc

XSLT Transformation to validate rules in XML document

:Another Newbie question in XSLT transformation. (I have asked similar question before, but in this case the XML has different formats).I've a xml document that I need to do bunch of validations using xslt. This will be done using the xsltproc tool.

How to check if object is null in Java?

:What is the best way to check if a position is occupied or not? I don't think I should be using "this==null"...class Cell { int column; int row; char letter; public Cell(int column, int row, char letter) { super(); this.colum