Is the document in Chrome the same as the Interface Document in the whatwg specification?

When I use console.dir(document) in Chrome devtools,I can not find getElementByTagName on it.But the Standard defined getElementByTagName on document interface.Here is the Standard: question is: If t

WSO2 EI/ESB: Aggregate mediator for nested Iterate

I am implementing Iterate mediator inside Iterate mediator. After that, I have an Aggregate mediator in out-sequence.

How to capture frames from a webcam with SharpDX

I'm trying to implement a webcam capture app which should take still frames, display them on the screen and save to the disk.Since I'm using SharpDX already to capture the screen, I thought it would be nice to use that library. I was not sure if SharpDX

Can a client set file name and extension programmatically when he PUTs file content to a presigned S

Here is the starter code I'm using from the documentation. I'm trying to create a service that vends out Presigned S3 URLs. I use the default settings of GeneratePresignedUrlRequest as below. import com.amazonaws.AmazonServiceException;import

IBM.Data.DB2.Core throws exception in azure function app

I'm using nuget package IBM.Data.DB2.Core version dll to connect DB2 database from Azure functions with AzureFunctionsVersion V2. Application builds successfully.When I run the application and hit it with Postman I get the exception: System.Pr

R Shiny reactive element not reacting as intended

I have an R Shiny app with lots of reactive values in it, and one of them in particular is not reacting as I'd like it to. Here's the minimal reprex of what I'm working with (explanation follows): if(interactive()){ ## load required packages

Extract Noun Phrases with Stanza and CoreNLPClient

I am trying to extract noun phrases from sentences using Stanza(with Stanford CoreNLP). This can only be done with the CoreNLPClient module in Stanza. # Import client modulefrom stanza.server import CoreNLPClient# Construct a CoreNLPClient with some basic

Get file size from folder by filter

I'm using wanna ask how I can get the file size for each file by filter?I wanna get all the size of .ts fileshere's the code I'm usingDim TotalSize As Long = 0Sub FileSize() Dim TheSize As Long = GetDirSize(txtPath.Text) TotalSize = 0 '

ipython autoreload kills state

As recommended in (Reloading submodules in IPython) I added %load_ext autoreload%autoreload 2to my notebook and now, indeed, the modules are automatically reloaded.Alas, I havetry: # ral

Why does not XORing %eax causes segfault? [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: Segmentation fault on printf - NASM 64bit Linux

Manage multiple redux form on page

I have user data coming from back-end as an array of objects,[{firstname: 'John', lastname: 'Doe'}, {firstname: 'Jane', lastname: 'Doe'}]I am using a redux-form component to render these data.tried to make the object keys dynamic by binding index

Can't delete S3 buckets - Error Data not found

I can't get rid of five buckets in S3. Every screen in the AWS console says "Error Data not found" (i.e. Overview, Properties, Permissions, Management, Access points). I can't set lifecycle rules to delete objects, but the buckets never had anything i

MongoDB / Geojson $geointersects problems

It's been now 8 hours I'm trying to deal with a MongoDB Geojson $geoIntersects issue :It's working very well when my polygon is a square, or a rectangle,but I'm unable to get some results from a $geoIntersects request when my Polygon has crossing vert

How should a modal dialog's key event handler be used using ReactJS?

I can understand we would usebut what if it isbecause in a way, the keydown event handler code is inside of the Modal class (or function). If the modal is taking the left and right arrow key to perform

Type guarding a generic and defining it as optional

I have a class that accepts a genericinterface Converter { uuid: string; decode?: (value: Buffer) => T; encode?: (value: T) => Buffer;}type Converters = Record;export default class Service { pr

Angular6 - Prod build fails to access

I'm converting my angular6 app to a pwa and facing some troubles.When I run the app with ng serve, everythings works fine.When I publish the app or run with ng serve --prod, the app open but fails to load the login screen with an error in the console "R

How to fix '“com.spotify.error.client_authentication_failed”

I'm making an Android app witch uses the spotify remote SDK. But it gives an error when connecting to the spotify server. The code is the same as the code of the example project of Spotify included with the SDK. I changed the client id en redirect uri va

Tabset in html rmarkdown

I am working on a html document (readthedown theme) of rmarkdown and i would like to create several ".tabset" but :I would like that the tabset's content appears only when i click on it in the table of content and not appears ones after ones directly o

How to Reproduce MSI Install Error

There is some way to reproduce/Inject some MSI install error?I would like my install will fail with some error 1xxx/2xxx.. (msi error codes) it doesn't matter which error code, What important that in the MSI logs I will see "Retun value 3".* I am using

Extract value from one XML while matching template in other XML using XSLT

I have 2 XMLs. I am trying to run XSLT on 1st XML and matching data in 2nd XML using keys. While doing template-match on 2nd XML,I am unable to pull data from 1st XML's matching node(dont know how to pull any data from there per say) and populate it in t

Angular6 - Prod build fails to access

I'm converting my angular6 app to a pwa and facing some troubles.When I run the app with ng serve, everythings works fine.When I publish the app or run with ng serve --prod, the app open but fails to load the login screen with an error in the console "R

Async, Await EventHandler return value

I'm trying to upload a file into S3bucket using with AWS Sdk for .Net.I'm uploading a file like below: Private Async Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button2.Click Await AddFileToFolderAsync(file, bucketName, fld) ' her

When zooming In HTML Element get misplaced

Tried the whole day of yesterday to make my page responsive when Zooming In but can't achieve it.Even added height and weight but still mixing up elements when zooming in the page.I searched many web page and tried each of them but still can't achieve i

How to stub EntityManager and Connection in TypeORM with Jest

I got an app on NestJS in Typescript using TypeORM and unit-tests written with Jest. I have a function that uses transactions like this:async createMany(users: User[]) { await this.connection.transaction(async manager => { await[0])

How to implement Group Window Function to a “Over Partition By” on Flink SQL?

I'm trying to use time windows over Flink SQL, it has been hard for me to get familiar with the framework, but I have already defined my StreamExecutionEnvironmentStreamTableEnvironmentFlinkKafkaConsumerThen apply query SQL and group by time windows as f