need to get entity key to delete entity


I am trying to delete an entity from the Datastore using a link in html. I understand that in order to do this, I need to have the entity's key so that I know which entity to "pair" the delete link with, so to speak. I can't for the life of me figure out how to do this...

Here is my html file that shows all of the cars in the database:

{% if cars|length > 0 %} {% for c in cars %} <tr> <td>{{ c.make }}</td> <td>{{ c.model }}</td> <td>{{ c.year }}</td> <td> {% for i in c.color %} {{ i }} {% endfor %} </td> <td>{{ c.condition }}</td> <td>{{ c.date }}</td> <td> <a href="/view_cars/{{ c.key().id() }}">Delete Car</a> </td> </tr> {% endfor %} {% endif %}

Here is the python file:

class AddCarHandler(webapp2.RequestHandler): template_variables = {} def get(self): template = JINJA_ENVIRONMENT.get_template('index.html') self.response.write(template.render(self.template_variables)) action = self.request.get('action') #if the user adds a car if action == 'add_car': c = car_database.Car() c.make = self.request.get('car-make') c.model = self.request.get('car-model') c.year = self.request.get('car-year') c.color = self.request.get_all('car-color') c.condition = self.request.get('car-condition') c.date = self.request.get('car-date') car_key = c.put() class ViewCarHandler(webapp2.RequestHandler): template_variables = {} def get(self): car = car_database.Car() #ndb query self.template_variables['cars'] = [{'make':x.make, 'model':x.model, 'year':x.year, 'color':x.color, 'condition':x.condition, 'date':x.date} for x in car_database.Car.query().fetch()] template = JINJA_ENVIRONMENT.get_template('/view_cars.html') self.response.write(template.render(self.template_variables))


You can get the key of an entity (which, say, is obtained through a query) like this:

entity_key = entity.key

Note: this only works <em>after</em> the entity was saved into the DB, not before (i.e. entity.put() was called at least once).

To pass the key between the python code and URLs or HTML code, from <a href="https://cloud.google.com/appengine/docs/python/ndb/entities#retrieving_entities" rel="nofollow">the documentation</a>, you can use a key's url string or a pre-computed deletion url based on that string, passed, for example, in self.template_variables['cars']:


You can also use an entity's key to obtain an encoded string suitable for embedding in a URL:

url_string = sandy_key.urlsafe()

This produces a result like agVoZWxsb3IPCxIHQWNjb3VudBiZiwIM which can later be used to reconstruct the key and retrieve the original entity:

sandy_key = ndb.Key(urlsafe=url_string) sandy = sandy_key.get() </blockquote>

You'll need to add a handler for such deletion url, in which you'd reconstruct the key as quoted above, then call:



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