How to add icon near text in TextArea in GWT?


I have text area with text (some help tip) and I want to add info icon before text in order it looks like:

icon ----- ---------- ---------- -----. *icon: help icon *---: help text

If it is impossible to add icon to TextArea, maybe there're any other solutions on how to do it (in a label?)?


You can't add an icon to the TextArea. You can show an icon on top of a TextArea in a specified location (by adding both icon and TextArea to a div and using relative positioning), but then it will obscure the text under it as users type it in.


You only need CSS directives :

.yourClass { background-image : url('yourImage.png'); background-repeat : no-repeat; padding-left : 30px; }

.yourClass is the CSS class to set on your TextArea.

30px corresponds to the image width to avoid the text to be positioned on it.


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