Remove distinct records from sql query output


For my following query:

select sb.case, sb.Trace, sb.Amount, sp.edge, sp.UserId from Budget sb join Sap sp on sb.Trace= sp.Trace where sb.Trace in (select Trace from Sap where sb.UserId in('R5','HB') order by sp.edge desc;

I am getting output as:

case trace amount edge userId 111243557 41432048 95.00 21631781 HB 111243557 40828826 95.00 21631781 R5 111243551 40828819 194.00 21631779 R5 111243545 40828600 71.00 21631773 R5 111243545 41431960 71.00 21631773 HB

How to remove the distinct row from the output. Like here in output edge = 21631779 is distinct and need to be removed. Can anyone please let me know?


If you want output of edges that occur more than once, then you can use window functions:

with cte as ( select sb.case, sb.Trace, sb.Amount, sp.edge, sp.UserId, count(*) over (partition by sp.edge) as cnt from Budget sb join Sap sp on sb.Trace = sp.Trace where sb.Trace in (select Trace from Sap where sb.UserId in ('R5', 'HB')) ) select cte.* from cte where cnt > 1 order by edge desc;


Change the sp.edge for edge at the order by line

order by edge desc;


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