Python Dictionary:removing a string from a tuple( WHICH is a key .)


I've got a dictionary like

dic ={('L', 'N', 'C'):6, ('N', 'L', 'C'):4, ('C', 'N', 'L'):3})

I want to remove the string 'C' from all keys. Is there any efficient way of doing so


This can be done with a single <a href="http://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0274/" rel="nofollow">dictionary comprehension</a>:

>>> dic ={('L', 'N', 'C'):6, ('N', 'L', 'C'):4, ('C', 'N', 'L'):3} >>> {tuple(l for l in k if l != 'C'):v for k,v in dic.items()} {('L', 'N'): 6, ('N', 'L'): 4}

Note that the removal of 'C' makes ('N', 'L', 'C') and ('C', 'N', 'L') clash as they both become ('N', 'L'). It is not clear from the question how you wish to handle that.


for k,v in dic.iteritems(): if 'C' in k: dic[tuple(el for el in k if el!='C')] = dic.pop(k)

In this solution,<br /> only the keys that contain the element to eliminate are changed (new objects since tuples are immutable).<br /> The dictionary is modified in place<br /> and the values remain the same objects.

The following code shows that.

dico = {(1,2,8):'aa', (25,8,45,9):'gerard', (268,54,0):'marine', (81,3,8,7):'emma', (7,9,6):'louis'} print ' id(dico) : ',id(dico) for k,v in dico.iteritems(): print id(k),'%-25s' % repr(k),id(v),v idk = [id(el) for el in dico] for k,v in dico.iteritems(): if 8 in k: dico[tuple(el for el in k if el!=8)] = dico.pop(k) print print ' id(dico) : ',id(dico) for k,v in dico.iteritems(): print '%d %-30s %d %s' %\ (id(k), ('[new id] ' if id(k) not in idk else ' ')+repr(k),id(v),v)


id(dico) : 18737456 18751976 (268, 54, 0) 18718464 marine 11258576 (1, 2, 8) 18566968 aa 18539072 (25, 8, 45, 9) 18603776 gerard 18606768 (81, 3, 8, 7) 18718432 emma 18752056 (7, 9, 6) 18718592 louis id(dico) : 18737456 18752216 [new id] (1, 2) 18566968 aa 18751976 (268, 54, 0) 18718464 marine 18752176 [new id] (81, 3, 7) 18718432 emma 18752056 (7, 9, 6) 18718592 louis 18752416 [new id] (25, 45, 9) 18603776 gerard


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