Assign split string to parsed int


i'm getting this error and i can't quite figure out how to fix it.


error: <br /> incompatible types <br />found : int <br />required: int[]

array[x] = Integer.parseInt(elements[0]);


here is the code for my method. The file being used is a text file of 1000 numbers, 2 per line with 500 lines, separated by commas.

Example:1,2 <br />16,92 <br />109,7

the purpose of this block is to read all lines of the text file, and assign all numbers to the 2d integer array.

public static int[][] writeTypes(){ String position; String[] elements = new String[2]; int x; int y=1; int array[][] = new int[500][2]; File TypesFile = new File("Types.txt"); try { Scanner twoput = new Scanner(pkTypesFile); for(x = 0; twoput.hasNext(); x++){ position = twoput.nextLine(); elements = position.split(",", 2); array[x] = Integer.parseInt(elements[0]); array[x][y] = Integer.parseInt(elements[1]); System.out.println(array[x] + " " + array[x][y]); } } catch (Exception e) { System.err.format("Types File does not exist.\n"); } return array; }


You seem to be confused about indexing into multidimensional arrays. array is a 2-dimensional array, meaning it's an array of arrays. new int[500][2] creates an array of length 500, each element of which is an int[] of length 2, each element of which is an int. The expression array[x] selects one of the 500 int[] arrays of length 2. The compile error is saying you can't assign an int to an int[]. You need to provide another index to select one of the ints in the array denoted by array[x].

Specifically, you should change

array[x] = Integer.parseInt(elements[0]); array[x][y] = Integer.parseInt(elements[1]); System.out.println(array[x] + " " + array[x][y]);


array[x][0] = Integer.parseInt(elements[0]); array[x][1] = Integer.parseInt(elements[1]); System.out.println(array[x][0] + " " + array[x][1]);

The second index selects one of the ints in the int[], which you can then assign to.


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