Get name of selected country from jQuery Vector Maps


Im trying to use jQuery Vector Maps.

Everything works but i just dont know how i can get name of clicked country. I need this to use that name country in my different jQuery code.

Here is simple documentation: <a href="http://jvectormap.com/documentation/javascript-api-v1/jvm-worldmap/" rel="nofollow">http://jvectormap.com/documentation/javascript-api-v1/jvm-worldmap/</a>

I think that i will have to use: getMapObject

But how i have to use it? Where put this getCode?


I did it with this code

$(function(){ $('#world-map').vectorMap({ backgroundColor: '#000', map: 'world_map', series: { regions: [{ values: countryDamage, scale: ['#FFEECF', '#FF2C2C'], normalizeFunction: 'polynomial' }] }, onRegionClick: function(event, code){ var map = $('#world-map').vectorMap('get', 'mapObject'); alert(map.getRegionName(code)); } }); });


Use This

<script> $('.map_jvector').vectorMap({ map: 'your_name_map', backgroundColor: '#ffffff', onRegionClick:function(event, code){ var name = (code); alert(name); } }); </script>


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