jQuery Datatable - changing data url


Currently using the jQuery Datatables plugin.

I now need to be able to change the ajax data source based on some form input values, which would be submitted on a button click?

What is the recommended method for achieving this?

$(document).ready(function () { $('#btnReport') .click(function () { var table = $('#reports').DataTable(); table.ajax.reload(); }); var querystring = '?from=' + $('#datetimepickerFrom').val() + '&till=' $('#datetimepickerFrom').val(); var url = '/api/reports/custom'; var table = $("#reports").DataTable({ ajax: { url: url + queryString, dataSrc : "" }, columns: [ { data: "fullName" }, { data: "timeIn" } ] }); });

Many thanks


Use <a href="https://datatables.net/reference/api/ajax.url()" rel="nofollow">ajax.url()</a> and <a href="https://datatables.net/reference/api/ajax.url().load()" rel="nofollow">ajax.url().load()</a> to set URL for the table and load data from that URL.

For example:

function getDataTableUrl(){ return '?from=' + $('#datetimepickerFrom').val() + '&till=' + $('#datetimepickerFrom').val(); } $('#btnReport') .click(function () { var table = $('#reports').DataTable(); table.ajax.url(getDataTableUrl()).load(); });


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