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Deleting a file from bucket. Autodesk-forge


There are problem with deleting a file from bucket ("errorCode": "AUTH-012"). But I can download current file by using -x GET instead of -x DELETE.

I use this tutorial -> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> . Attach an example below.


curl -v -X DELETE -H "Authorization:Bearer G3fqI9NFKqJVN5MQy3yI0tGXXXXX"


{ "developerMessage": "ACM check failed, user or calling service does not have access to perform this operation", "userMessage": "", "errorCode": "AUTH-012", "more info": "" }

Could you please check me and explain me what could be wrong?


For file deleting we can use deleting of file version.

curl -v{project_Id}/versions -x POST -H "Authorization:Bearer G3fqI9NFKqJVN5MQy3yI0tGXXXXX" -H "Content-Type:application/vnd.api+json" -d '{ "jsonapi": { "version": "1.0" }, "data": { "type": "versions", "attributes": { "extension": { "type": "versions:autodesk.core:Deleted", "version": "1.0", } }, "relationships": { "item": { "data": { "type": "items", "id": "urn:adsk.___your_file_id__________" } } } } }'


{project_Id} - is your project id;

"urn:adsk.___your_file_id__________" - is your file id.


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