Netty 4 : Configure client certificates in SslContextBuilder


I have a p12 format client ssl certificates.

How can I configure it in Netty in <a href="https://netty.io/4.1/api/io/netty/handler/ssl/SslContextBuilder.html" rel="nofollow">SslContextBuilder</a> class?


Convert the <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/a/8224863/678116" rel="nofollow">.p12 to a Java Keystore.</a>

When starting your application, make sure you set the following system properties with the path to your Java Keystore (.jks) and given password:

<ul><li>javax.net.ssl.keyStore</li> <li>javax.net.ssl.keyStorePassword</li> </ul>

Then, you can create a default SSLContext as shown below and add it to Netty's pipeline:

SSLContext ctx = SSLContext.getDefault(); SSLEngine engine = ctx.createSSLEngine(); engine.setUseClientMode(true); pipeline.addLast("sslHandler", new SslHandler(engine));


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