SSH key not working on git bash after closing and opening new


Have create ssh key using following link (<a href="https://help.github.com/articles/generating-a-new-ssh-key-and-adding-it-to-the-ssh-agent/" rel="nofollow">https://help.github.com/articles/generating-a-new-ssh-key-and-adding-it-to-the-ssh-agent/</a>) Once create ssh key using git bash and added to github. It works only for that particular git bash. If I close git bash and open again. Same ssh key wont work, need to create new. CAn anyone please tell me why is it happening? or what is missing?


You would need to auto add the ssh key to every session when you open Git Bash. For that, if you are on Windows, follow the below steps :

<ul><li>Go to the location of Git installation (usually at C:\Program Files\Git\etc\ssh)</li> <li>Edit the ssh_config file and add the line IdentityFile Drive:\path\to\key where Drive:\path\to\key should specify the local path to your key that you have generated earlier, and save the file after editing.</li> </ul>

Now every time you open Git Bash, the key would automatically be added to the ssh session and you will not need to add the ssh key everytime.


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