How to use socket service in angular 6? [closed]


I am new to sockets so i am implementing socket services in angular 6 project..?

How to Use Sockets in Angular 6?

May be using some cool Socket Examples?

Libraries? Tutorials? Blog Articles?


<strong>How to use socket service in angular 6?</strong>

<strong>1.First you have to create component in angular like :</strong>


import { SocketDataService } from 'socketDataService'; import { Subscription } from 'rxjs'; @Component({ selector: 'app-socket', templateUrl: './app-socket.component.html', styleUrls: ['./app-socket.component.css'], }) export class SocketComponent implements OnInit { sub: Subscription; constructor(private socketDataService: SocketDataService) {} ngOnInit() { this.getSocketData(); } getSocketData(): void { this.sub = this.socketDataService.getSocketData() .subscribe(data => { this.socketData = data }) } }

<strong>2. You have to create service like :</strong>


import { Observable } from 'rxjs/Observable'; @Injectable() export class SocketDataService { private socket; constructor(private http: Http) { this.socket = io('http://localhost:3000') } observer getSocketData(): Observable<any> { this.socket.on('socket-data', (res) => { this.observer.next(res); }); return this.getSocketDataObservable(); } getSocketDataObservable(): Observable<any> { return new Observable(observer => { this.observer = observer; }); } }


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