Error: Cannot convert parameter 1 from std::string to char*. Confused on why it is giving me this er


So once again I need some help with this program for class. Maybe its that I'm tired but I can't seem to find the logic error I'm sure I've made here. Here is my code:

#include "Book.h" using namespace std; void add (char*, char*, int); void remove (int&); void list (); int Count; Book Bookshelf [4]; int main () { string In; string N; string A; int Y; int Num; do { cout << "Bookshelf> "; getline(cin, In); if (In.compare("add") == 0) { cout << "Bookshelf> Enter book: "; cin >> N >> A >> Y; add (N,A,Y); } else if (In.compare ("remove") == 0) { cout << "Bookshelf> Select number: "; cin >> Num; remove (Num); } else if (In.compare("list") == 0) { list (); } } while (cin != "quit"); return 0; } void add (string N, string A, int Y) { if (Bookshelf[4].IsEmpty() == false) cout << "Error!" << endl; else { Bookshelf[Count] = Book (N,A,Y); Count++; } cout << "Bookshelf> "; }

The error occurs at the line add(N,A,Y); but for the life of me I can't tell why it is saying that. They both look like std::strings to me. Can anyone explain this to me?


You have forgotten to modify your prototype at the top of your file.

It still says

void add (char*, char*, int);

It should be

void add (string, string, int);


You have a wrong forward declaration.

void add (char*, char*, int);

Must be -

void add (string, string, int);

Also, if the array size is N, the accessible indexes are 0 to N-1.

Book Bookshelf [4]; // ..... if (Bookshelf[4].IsEmpty() == false) // There is no object at Bookshelf[4] // Accessible indexes are 0 to 3


You need to make the declaration match the definition. In the declaration you use char * in the definistion you use string.

If you want to use C strings see <a href="http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/string/string/" rel="nofollow">c_str</a>. If you want to use strings, remember the '&' to take a reference - saves making a copy. Either way make the prototype and the function signature match.


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