Output the result of each loop in different columns


price.txt file has two columns: (name and value)

Mary 134 Lucy 56 Jack 88

range.txt file has three columns: (fruit and min_value and max_value)

apple 57 136 banana 62 258 orange 88 99 blueberry 98 121

My aim is to test whether the value in price.txt file is between the min_value and max_value in range.txt. If yes, putout 1, If not, output "x".

I tried:

awk 'FNR == NR { name=$1; price[name]=$2; next} { for (name in price) { if ($2<=price[name] && $3>=price[name]) {print 1} else {print "x"} } }' price.txt range.txt

But my results are all in one column, just like follows:

1 1 x x x x x x 1 1 1 x

Actually, I want my result to be like: (Each name has one column)

1 x 1 1 x 1 x x 1 x x x

Because I need to use paste to add the output file and range.txt file together. The final result should be like:

apple 57 136 1 x 1 banana 62 258 1 x 1 orange 88 99 x x 1 blueberry 98 121 x x x

So, how can I get the result of each loop in different columns? And is there anyway to output the final result without paste based on my current code? Thank you.


This builds on what you provided,

# load prices by index to maintain read order FNR == NR { price[names++]=$2 next } # save max index to avoid using non-standard length(array) END { names=NR } { l = $1 " " $2 " " $3 for (i=0; i < names; i++) { if ($2 <= price[i] && $3 >= price[i]) { l = l " 1" } else { l = l " x" } } print l }

and generates output,

apple 57 136 1 x 1 banana 62 258 1 x 1 orange 88 99 x x 1 blueberry 98 121 x x x

However, you don't have the person name for the score (anonymous results) - maybe that's intentional?

The change here is to explicitly index array populated in first block to maintain order.


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