Jenkins: How to use user defined shell variables when copying artifacts from another project


In my Jenkins configuration I have a conditional step which exports a custom shell variable called "SUFFIX". I want to use this variable in name the of the project from which I am copying artifacts but it says:

Unable to find project for artifact copy: myProject${SUFFIX}_release

How can I use such a variable or achieve such a behaviour where the project name depends on a job parameter. The job parameter is a boolean value and should stay a boolean value. There should not be a string parameter SUFFIX.

Is this question related: <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22558326/being-clever-when-copying-artifacts-with-jenkins-and-multi-configurations" rel="nofollow">Being clever when copying artifacts with Jenkins and multi-configurations</a> Do I need the EnvInject plugin to make variables accessible by the Copying artifacts plugin?


Jenkins does not retain environment variable changes between builds or build-steps. This is part of the design, to keep the build environment clean.

You cannot export an environment variable in <strong>Execute Shell</strong> build step, and then use it in <strong>Copy Artifacts</strong> build step. To get around this, you do need <a href="https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/EnvInject+Plugin" rel="nofollow"><strong>EnvInject plugin</strong></a>.

<ul><li>Instead of exporting your shell environment variable to the Environment, you need to write it to - properties file, in format param=value </li> <li>Then, using EnvInject build step, load that properties file</li> <li>After that, your newly loaded environment variable will be available to all subsequent build/post-build steps, including Copy Artifacts build step.</li> </ul>


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