PHP - sort arrays within assoc array


<em>I promise you I've had a look at the many existing SO Qs about PHP sorting, including <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/17364127/reference-all-basic-ways-to-sort-arrays-and-data-in-php" rel="nofollow">this mega one</a></em>

I've got a PHP associative array, with strings as keys. Each value is an array of integers. I want to sort each array of integers, in simple ascending numerical order. I'm convinced this should be easy, and I've found enough examples that I think I should be doing the right thing, but it's not quite working, so there's a typo or I'm an idiot or something...


//Each fruit corresponds to an array (series) of integers $data = [ 'banana' => [ 1,3,2 ], 'orange' => [ 5,1,3 ] ]; echo "Before sort:\n"; var_dump($data); //For each fruit, I want to order the numbers foreach ($data as $key => $series) { //Sort array of integers sort($series); //NB I wasn't sure about value/reference details of foreach loops, so I also tried //retrieving a series into a variable, sorting, and then reassigning back to the same key } echo "\n\nAfter sort:\n"; var_dump($data);


Before sort: array(2) { 'banana' => array(3) { [0] => int(1) [1] => int(3) [2] => int(2) } 'orange' => array(3) { [0] => int(5) [1] => int(1) [2] => int(3) } } After sort: array(2) { 'banana' => array(3) { [0] => int(1) [1] => int(3) [2] => int(2) } 'orange' => array(3) { [0] => int(5) [1] => int(1) [2] => int(3) } }

As you can see, in the output the inner arrays of integers have not been sorted. What am I doing wrong? (PHP 5.5.9, Windows 7)


Use a reference &:

foreach ($data as $key => &$series) { //Sort array of integers sort($series); // OR // sort($data[$key]); }


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