Awk: Length of column number


I have a (maybe) silly question.

My data: File 1

1234.34 a 1235.34 d 3456.23 b 3457.23 e 2325.89 c 2327.89 f

I want something like

awk '{if($1==$3) print $4}'

But of course if I do this, it will print nothing. So I want to modify the "precision" of $3 (in this case)

in the sense that when awk read $3 it finds this:

124 345 232

then it must be a way to do this, but I don't know it.

awk '{if($1==(three digits precision $3)) print $4}'



You could calculate the difference of the two values:

awk '$1 - $3 < 0.01 || $3 - $1 < 0.01 {print $4}' file


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