cudaTextureObject_t compatibility with Fermi


I have implemented a kernel that process data where the input comes from an cudaTextureObject_t. To increase the throughput of my method, I call this kernel with <em>N</em> different stream objects. Therefore, I create <em>N</em> texture objects that are then passed to the different kernel calls.

This works perfectly well on GPUs with Kepler architecture. However, now I want to use this method also on a GPU with Fermi architecture, where no cudaTextureObject_t is available.

My question is as follows: Is there a way to make an abstraction based on texture references, or do I have to completely rewrite my code for the older architecture?


You will have to re-write your code. It isn't possible to encapsulate a texture reference inside a class or structure, nor pass a texture reference to a kernel.


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