Create a virtual column to verify if data exists on anothers



usr_id usr_login usr_passwd 1 user1 user1 2 user2 user2 3 user3 user3 4 user4 user4


sttgs_id sttgs_description 1 Setting 1 2 Setting 2 3 Setting 3 4 Setting 4 5 Setting 5


uss_id usr_id sttgs_id 1 1 1 2 1 2 3 2 5 4 3 2 5 3 3 6 3 5 7 4 4

What I need to show is data like this:

WHERE usr_id='2' :

sttgs_id sttgs_description has it? (virtual_column) 1 Setting 1 0 2 Setting 2 0 3 Setting 3 0 4 Setting 4 0 5 Setting 5 1

WHERE usr_id='3' :

sttgs_id sttgs_description has it? (virtual_column) 1 Setting 1 0 2 Setting 2 1 3 Setting 3 1 4 Setting 4 0 5 Setting 5 1

How could I do it correctly?


SELECT s.sttgs_id, s.sttgs_description, IF(st.uss_id,1,0) as `has it` FROM mt_user u JOIN mt_settings s LEFT JOIN mt_user_settings us ON us.usr_id = u.usr_id AND us.sttgs_id = s.sttgs_id WHERE u.usr_id = 2

you can also do it without the users table

SELECT s.sttgs_id, s.sttgs_description, IF(st.uss_id,1,0) as `has it` FROM mt_settings s LEFT JOIN mt_user_settings us ON us.usr_id = 2 AND us.sttgs_id = s.sttgs_id


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