How to get a field of a foreign key Model appear in a Django-Serializer?


I am building a Django application that exposes a REST API by which users can query 2 of my application's models. I'm following the instructions <a href="http://www.django-rest-framework.org/tutorial/quickstart#quickstart" rel="nofollow"><strong>here</strong></a>.

My two models are:

<ol><li>The Django User model from django.contrib.auth</li> <li>

The model shown below.

class Profile(models.Model): user = models.OneToOneField(User) </li> </ol>

My Serialiazers are as follows:

class UserSerializer(serializers.HyperlinkedModelSerializer): class Meta: model = User fields = ('url', 'username', 'email', ) class ProfileSerializer(serializers.HyperlinkedModelSerializer): class Meta: model = Profile fields = ('id', 'slug', 'user',)

I can see that this is working when I hit the APIs from the command-line:

% curl -H 'Accept: application/json; indent=4' -u root:MyPassword { "id": 60, "slug": "myprofile", "user": "" } % curl -H 'Accept: application/json; indent=4' -uroot:MyPassword { "url": "", "username": "myUser", "email": "myemail@gmail.com" }

What I would like to know are two things:

<ol><li>How do I change my Profile's serializer such that the user's username appears in the serialized profile?</li> <li>How can I expose this API publicly so it works even without the root/password login?</li> </ol>


Question #1 Answered correctly here: <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/20040750/how-to-include-in-queryset-details-fields-of-a-foreign-key-django-and-rest-api?rq=1" rel="nofollow">How to include in queryset details fields of a foreign key (django and rest_api)</a>

Question #2 Re-asked more clearly here: <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22004281/how-are-permissions-to-access-to-django-rest-api-managed" rel="nofollow">How are permissions to access to Django REST API managed?</a>


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