How to sort and get highest value from Java Object/ArrayList [duplicate]


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I have an ArrayList with Student Objects (Name, Mark in Math, Mark in Physics). How can I sort the ArrayList and edit with first highest number/s, then second highest then third and so on. For example I have the object value below:

ArrayList<> allStudents = new ArrayList(); allStudents.add(new Student("A", 80, 94) ); allStudents.add(new Student("B", 98, 91) ); allStudents.add(new Student("F", 70, 84) ); allStudents.add(new Student("C", 98, 92) ); allStudents.add(new Student("H", 99, 93) );

I will look for the student with highest number, I got H. I edit the object like: "H", 97, 90 and save it back to that ArraList. Again I look for 2nd highest but here I have students "B" and "C", I can see they same number in math but in Physics C has highest number so I will edit "C", 96, 90 and save it back to the ArrayList and so on. Here which student already edited, I will not fetch them for edit and save thr and so on. IF someone please help me! Thanks in advance


You need to create a Comparator it can be anonymous or a class and in your Student do a get method for your mark so you can use it inside the comparator to compare the marks for sorting


ArrayList<Student> allStudents = new ArrayList(); allStudents.add(new Student("A", 80, 94)); allStudents.add(new Student("B", 98, 91)); allStudents.add(new Student("F", 70, 84)); allStudents.add(new Student("C", 98, 92)); allStudents.add(new Student("H", 99, 93)); Collections.sort(allStudents, new Comparator<Student>() { public int compare(Student s, Student s2) { return s.getMark() - s2.getMark(); } });


Implement a Comparable interface to your student object and specify how you want it to compare.

Here is a good example: <a href="http://www.mkyong.com/java/java-object-sorting-example-comparable-and-comparator/" rel="nofollow">http://www.mkyong.com/java/java-object-sorting-example-comparable-and-comparator/</a>


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