Reading function from a file in Fortran 90


I have an optimization solver in Fortran 90. So, if I want to change the objective function I have to modified the main file and write the objective function in this way:

subroutine fobj(n,x,f) implicit none integer :: n real(8) :: f real(8) :: x(n) intent(in ) :: n,x intent(out) :: f !OBJECTIVE FUNCTION f = x(1)**2-x(2)+2*x(3) end subroutine fobj

I have a big objective function, so I want to call this line "f = x(1)**2-x(2)+2*x(3)" from an external file or at least the subrutine.

Is that possible? (I'm new in Fortran.)

I know that I can modified the file with Python, but I want to do it in other file.

Thanks a lot!


Sure. Use:

include 'file.inc'

to include source code from an external file.


I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but:

Fortran also allows you to pass subroutine/function names around as actual arguments to subroutine/function calls. The corresponding dummy arguments must have the "external" attribute.

subroutine fobj(n,x,f,func) implicit none integer :: n real(8),external :: func real(8) :: f real(8) :: x(n) intent(in ) :: n,x intent(out) :: f !OBJECTIVE FUNCTION f=func(x,n) end subroutine fobj function func1(x,n) implicit none real(8) func1 integer n real(8) :: f,x(n) f = x(1)**2-x(2)+2*x(3) end function func1 function func2(x,n) implicit none real(8) func2 integer n real(8) :: f,x(n) f = x(1)**2+x(2)+2*x(3) end function func2 program main real(8),external :: func1,func2 real(8),allocatable :: x(:) real(8) :: f integer n n=50 allocate(x(n)) x=10. !Set X to a known value call fobj(n,x,f,func1) !Call func1 print*,f !10**2-10+2*10 = 110 x=10. !Reset X ... just to make sure there is no funny business in func1,func2 call fobj(n,x,f,func2) !Call func2 print*,f !10**2+10+2*10 = 130 deallocate(x) end program main

Of course, this program does nothing useful other than call func1 and func2 in obscure ways, but hopefully it illustrates the point. If you're looking to switch out the function at compile-time, then I think a include "myfile" is probably cleaner (just switching which file you're including at the time as suggested by @AlejandroLL)


You might also try to use Modules in your program. Sometimes when you pass special variables to your subroutines/functions you need to write interfaces for them. Using modules will improve your program structure and you'll be more effective and all interfaces would be generated automatically.


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