Getting wrong PDF page on 64-bit iOS device only


I have an iOS app that only has a problem on 64 devices. The function where the problem is, is here:

- (NSMutableData *)getPage:(NSInteger)pageNumber { NSLog(@"%ld",(long)pageNumber); CGPDFDocumentRef SourcePDFDocument = CGPDFDocumentCreateWithURL((CFURLRef)[NSURL fileURLWithPath:[[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@"full" ofType:@"pdf"]]); // Create the CGPDFDocument from the URL if (SourcePDFDocument == NULL) { return nil; } // Reference to Page current Page CGPDFPageRef SourcePDFPage = CGPDFDocumentGetPage(SourcePDFDocument, pageNumber); CGRect mediaBox = CGPDFPageGetBoxRect(SourcePDFPage, kCGPDFMediaBox); NSMutableData *outputData = [NSMutableData data]; CGDataConsumerRef consumer = CGDataConsumerCreateWithCFData((__bridge CFMutableDataRef)outputData); CGContextRef context = CGPDFContextCreate(consumer, &mediaBox, NULL); // draw CGContextBeginPage(context, &mediaBox); CGContextDrawPDFPage(context, SourcePDFPage); CGContextEndPage(context); // cleanup CGDataConsumerRelease(consumer); CGContextRelease(context); return outputData; }

What it does is grab a single paged from a larger pdf and convert it to NSMutableData so that it can be emailed. The problem that it is having on 64-bit devices is that it is grabbing the wrong page (18 pages before). Can anyone see the problem?


Add an explicit cast to size_t - if you leave that to be implicit there is a difference between 32 and 64 bit

// Reference to Page current Page CGPDFPageRef SourcePDFPage = CGPDFDocumentGetPage(SourcePDFDocument, (size_t)pageNumber);


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