Default hash values


I'd like to have a hash with params members with defaults default values:

var defaults = { item1: "def1", item2: "def2" }; var params = { item2: "param2", item3: "param3" }; var result = // some clever code here... console.log(result); // { item1: "def1", item2: "param2", item3: "param3" };

The most clever code I can figure out is to iterate defaults members and add them into params if they are missing there. I wonder if there is some native solution instead of writing own code? Prototyping seems promising, but it only works with functional objects, which I don't want here. Any thoughts?


If anyone is still interested: after almost two years, I guess the clever code mentioned in the question would be

__proto__: Object.create(defaults)

See the example:

var defaults = { item1: "def1", item2: "def2" }; var params = { item2: "param2", item3: "param3", __proto__: Object.create(defaults) }; for(var i in params) console.log(i,params[i]); // item2 param2 // item3 param3 // item1 def1

Just keep in mind that the __proto__ is <a href="https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/Object/proto" rel="nofollow">deprecated</a>, however well supported unlike the setPrototypeOf() method suggested by the link. Let's see what the future will be.


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