Compiling web app against Java 5, but String.isEmpty() is still being allowed?


I am compiling my web app in Netbeans against Java EE 5. I know that the String.isEmpty() function is only supported in Java 6. Having said that, I can still compile my project using the .isEmpty() in my code.

How come Netbeans is allowing my web app to compile if I am compiling against Java EE 5?


The compiler level is not equal to the JDK level you use for compiling. The compiler level only checks for the syntax and of course creates a different output. But the compiler itself will use the jdk on your classpath so if you compiled with java 5 option but with the java 6 jars on your classpath the code will compile without an error. You should check your classpath.


As many have pointed out, Java EE versions are not strictly tied with Java SE (JDK) versions. Mostly, they require a minimal Java SE version but are compatible with later versions.

Java EE 5 specification (<a href="http://download.oracle.com/otndocs/jcp/javaee-5.0-fr-eval-oth-JSpec/" rel="nofollow">downloadable PDF here</a>) says:

This specification requires that containers provide a Java Compatible™ runtime environment, as defined by the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition, v5.0 specification (J2SE)

Since JSE versions are backwards compatible, you can take a container compatible with Java 5 and run it on top of Java SE 6 or Java SE 7.

You can check the compatibility level that Netbeans is using by checking the project "<em>Properties</em> > <em>Source</em> > <em>Source/Binary Format</em>"

If you still have doubts about "Java vs Java EE" you can look for several questions here on SO about the difference between Java SE and Java EE.


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