Lua: %b with modifiers


I'm trying to match a string that contains Lua code.

a = [[workspace.Object["Child"]:remove()]]

to do this, I'm trying to create an option where either .x or ['x'] would be matched regardless of what order they are in or how many of them there are.

A couple problems I have run into:

<ul><li>How do I match more than one combined character/pattern between brackets? [abc] matches a or b or c, but not abc.</li> <li>How do I add a modifier to %b[]? ex. %b[]+ to match ['x']['x']['x']</li> <li>If I could match something like %[.-%] *, that would work the same.</li> </ul>


Lua does not fully support regexps.<br /> But you can do your task step-by-step, using intermediate strings.

local str0 = [[workspace.Object["Child"]['xx'][5].xxx:remove()]] local str = str0 :gsub('%b[]', function(s) return s:gsub('^%[%s*([\'"]?)(.*)%1%s*%]$','{%2}') end ) :gsub('[%.:]%s*([%w_]+)','{%1}') print(str0) print(str) print() for w in str:gmatch'{(.-)}' do print(w) end --------------------------- -- output --------------------------- workspace.Object["Child"]['xx'][5].xxx:remove() workspace{Object}{Child}{xx}{5}{xxx}{remove}() Object Child xx 5 xxx remove <hr />

<strong>EDIT :</strong>

local str0 = [[workspace.Object["Child"]['xx'][5][ [=[xxx]=] ]:remove()]] local str = str0 :gsub('%b[]', function(s) return s:gsub('^%[%s*([\'"]?).*%1%s*%]$','{%0}') end ) :gsub('%.%s*[%w_]+','{%0}') :gsub(':%s*[%w_]+%s*([\'"]).-%1','{%0}') :gsub(':%s*[%w_]+%s*%b()','{%0}') :gsub('{(:%s*remove%s*%(%s*%))}','%1') :gsub('}%s*{', '') :gsub('([%w_]+)%s*(%b{})%s*:%s*remove%s*%(%s*%)', function(s1, s2) return 'removefilter('..s1..s2:match'^{(.*)}$'..')' end ) :gsub('([%w_]+)%s*:%s*remove%s*%(%s*%)','removefilter(%1)') :gsub('[{}]', '') print(str0) print(str) --------------------------- -- output --------------------------- workspace.Object["Child"]['xx'][5][ [=[xxx]=] ]:remove() removefilter(workspace.Object["Child"]['xx'][5][ [=[xxx]=] ])


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