Identity cookie expiry


How would I redirect to login page AUTOMATICALLY, if my Identity cookie has expired at "ExpireTimeSpan" value? I do understand there is an event "OnRedirectToLogin" but that doesn't get triggered unless a request comes through. Is there a way, I can redirect to login right after the cookie has expired rather than keep sending requests to verify it has timed out?


Unless I misunderstand, what you want is the server to reach out to the client, but standard client/server HTTP works the other way around. The client is supposed to send requests to the server, and at some point to get redirected if its authentication cookie has expired, but if the cookie expires and the client never ask the server for anything more ever, then it doesn't have to be told anything has expired. Communication the other way around, where servers notify clients can be achieved by several means but is to be reserved for very particular needs. Are you sure you need that?


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