SQL Server cast varchar to int


I have a table that has a column 'Value' that is a varchar. One row puts a '10' in this column. This "number" will need to be added and substracted to, but I can do so directly b/c its a varchar. So, the following gives an error:

update Fields set Value = Value - 1 from Fields f, FTypes ft where ft.Name = 'Field Count' and ft.ID = f.ID_FT and f.ID_Project = 186


How do I cast/convert the value to an int, perform the math, then set as a varchar again?


Martin Smith's point is an excellent one --> If it is only numeric data going in there and you are always going to be doing operations like this, it will save you time and hassle not having to do this conversion work.

That being said you can do -

update Fields set ColumnName = cast( (cast(ColumnName as int) - 1) as varchar(nn)) from Fields f, FTypes ft where ft.Name = 'Field Count' and ft.ID = f.ID_FT and f.ID_Project = 186

where nn is the original definition of your varchar column


You need to use CAST twice - once to make your Value column an INT so you can subtract 1 from it, and then back to a VARCHAR(x):

update dbo.Fields set Value = CAST((CAST(Value AS INT) - 1) AS VARCHAR(20)) from dbo.Fields f inner join dbo.FTypes ft ON ft.ID = f.ID_FT where ft.Name = 'Field Count' and f.ID_Project = 186

Also, I would recommend using the dbo. prefix always, on all your database objects, and I would always argue for the new, ANSI standard JOIN syntax which is more <em>expressive</em> (clearer to read and understand) and helps avoid unwanted cartesian products (by forgetting to specify a JOIN condition in the WHERE clause....)


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