Simple SQL statement


I've been over-thinking this too much. Let's say I have a table TEST(refnum VARCHAR(5))

|refnum| -------- | 12345| | 56873| | 63423| | 12345| | 56873| | 12345|

I want my "view" to look something along the lines of this

|refnum| count| --------------- | 12345| 3 | | 56873| 2 |

So the requirements are that the count for each refnum has to be > 1. I'm having a little trouble wrapping my head around this one. Thank you in advance for the help.


Unless I am missing something, this looks like a simple

select refnum, count(*) from test group by refnum having count(*) > 1


select refnum, count(*) from table group by refnum


This is the SQL Server version:

CREATE VIEW vRefnumCounts AS SELECT refnum, count(1) as [count] FROM test GROUP BY refnum HAVING count(1) > 1 SELECT * FROM vRefnumCounts ORDER BY refnum

You said "view", but now I'm thinking you meant in the result set sense...


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