Including external scripts with global references using Webpack


I am working on using Webpack 2 to package some oldish javascript code. This code uses the Leaflet 1.0 library and also includes a Leaflet plugin (named Google.js) that simply references the global L variable that leaflet exposes.

In the current html page, leaflet and then the plugin (Google.js) is loaded and then the map1.js code via script tags. Which all works fine.

I have created the following webpack.config.js:

var path = require('path'); module.exports = { devtool: 'cheap-eval-source-map', entry: { map1: './js/map1.js' }, output: { filename: 'bundle.js', path: path.resolve(__dirname, 'dist') } };

and in the map1.js I have added the following to define the dependency requirements for webpack:

import bootstrap from 'bootstrap'; import leaflet from 'leaflet'; require('script-loader!./lib/Google.js');

The bundle.js builds without issue however when the page loads, I get:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'call' of undefined at NewClass.whenReady (eval at (bundle.js:79), :3641:12) at NewClass.addLayer (eval at (bundle.js:79), :4057:8) at eval (eval at (bundle.js:176), :118:7) at eval (eval at (bundle.js:176), :232:3) at Object. (bundle.js:176) at __webpack_require__ (bundle.js:20) at bundle.js:66 at bundle.js:69

Looking at line 79 where the errors occurs:

eval("var __WEBPACK_AMD_DEFINE_FACTORY__, __WEBPACK_AMD_DEFINE_RESULT__;/*\n Leaflet 1.0.3, a JS library for interactive maps...

it appears to failing on doing an eval of the leaflet code. Should I be doing anything else to incorporate Leaflet into my webpack build?


I just tried a very simple webpack project using <a href="https://gitlab.com/IvanSanchez/Leaflet.GridLayer.GoogleMutant" rel="nofollow">Leaflet.GridLayer.GoogleMutant</a> instead, and it works like a charm:

import 'leaflet'; import 'leaflet.gridlayer.googlemutant'; var map = L.map('map').setView([0,0],0); var roadMutant = L.gridLayer.googleMutant({ maxZoom: 24, type:'roadmap' }).addTo(map);

That will work as long as you reference the GMaps JS API in a separate <script> in your HTML. And npm install leaflet leaflet.gridlayer.googlemutant, of course.


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