function1 from other file fail when that function1 is calling another function2 inside function1


Code in FileB.py works fine, but fail at one point when I am calling it from other file. I found that it's stops working when calling function "search_response" in the code below.


from FileB import * search = "stackoverflow" searchF(search)


from apiclient.discovery import build from apiclient.errors import HttpError from oauth2client.tools import argparser search = "Google" def searchF(search): DEVELOPER_KEY = "REPLACE_ME" YOUTUBE_API_SERVICE_NAME = "youtube" YOUTUBE_API_VERSION = "v3"

<strong>print "searchF started" - works</strong>

def youtube_search(options): youtube = build(YOUTUBE_API_SERVICE_NAME, YOUTUBE_API_VERSION, developerKey=DEVELOPER_KEY) search_response = youtube.search().list( q=options.q, type="video", part="id,snippet", maxResults=options.max_results ).execute()

<strong>print "search_response executed" doesn't work</strong>

search_videos = [] for search_result in search_response.get("items", []): search_videos.append(search_result["id"]["videoId"]) video_ids = ",".join(search_videos) video_response = youtube.videos().list( id=video_ids, part='snippet, contentDetails' ).execute() videos = [] for video_result in video_response.get("items", []): videos.append("%s, (%s,%s)" % (video_result["snippet"]["title"], video_result["contentDetails"], video_result["contentDetails"])) find = "licensedContent': True" result = ', '.join(videos) print find in result if __name__ == "__main__": print "__main__" argparser.add_argument("--q", help="Search term", default=search) argparser.add_argument("--max-results", help="Max results", default=25) args = argparser.parse_args() try: youtube_search(args) except HttpError, e: print "An HTTP error %d occurred:\n%s" % (e.resp.status, e.content)


I changed if __name__ == "__main__": to if 1: and it's kinda works. But I am assume it's a horrible solution.


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