Linq subtraction sum(values) from two tables


I have two db.Table1 and db.Table2 with columns named IdUser,Value I think I should have some join but i miss the logic

it's just a logic it's not a code how can do something like :

var total = Sum(db.Table1(Sum(Value))-db.Table2(Sum(Value)) .Where(db.Table1.IdUser=db.Table2.IdUser)


Join the tables and group

var total = from table1record in Table1 join table2record in Table2 on table1Record.IdUser equals table2Record.IdUser group new { table1record,table2record } by table1record.IdUser into groupedRecords select groupedRecords.Sum(x=>x.Table1Value) - groupedRecords.Sum(x=>x.Table2Value);


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