How to get collection item by index?


How to access item in collection? Next code gives me error in last line.

<package> <job id="NonDisabledServicesCollecting"> <COMMENT> ************************************************************ 1 comment 2 3 ************************************************************ </COMMENT> <script language="VBScript"> flash_folder="I:\123\" str_flash_folder_colFiles = "" num_flash_folder_colFiles = 0 Set flash_folder_colFiles = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject").GetFolder(flash_folder).Files WScript.Echo flash_folder_colFiles(1) For Each flash_folder_objFile in flash_folder_colFiles num_flash_folder_colFiles = num_flash_folder_colFiles + 1 str_flash_folder_colFiles = str_flash_folder_colFiles + cstr(num_flash_folder_colFiles) + " " + flash_folder_objFile.Name + vbCrLf Next Dim response Do response = InputBox("Please enter the number that corresponds to your selection:" + vbCrLf + str_flash_folder_colFiles, "Choose DLL to copy...") If response = "" Then WScript.Echo "Input is empty." 'Detect Cancel If IsNumeric(response) Then Exit Do 'Detect value response. WScript.Echo "You must enter a numeric value." Loop selected_flush_DLL = flash_folder + flash_folder_colFiles(cint(response)) WScript.Echo selected_flush_DLL </script> </job> </package>


The .Files collection can't be accessed by index:

>> Set oFiles = goFS.GetFolder(".\").Files >> n = oFiles(0).Name >> Error Number: 5 Error Description: Invalid procedure call or argument

You need a For Each loop to fill a random access collection e.g. an Array:

>> Set oFiles = goFS.GetFolder(".\").Files >> ReDim aFiles(oFiles.Count - 1) >> i = 0 >> For Each oFile In oFiles >> Set aFiles(i) = oFile >> Next >> n = aFiles(0).Name >> WScript.Echo n >> 31823568.notes


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