TFS Integration Build Powershell With Elevated Privileges


I am setting up an integration tests build where I am just trying to start up a windows service.

I have used the InvokeProcess command to run the powershell scripts which just does the following

<strong>Start-Service ServiceName</strong>

The script fails when I run the build process but when I executed the same script outside TFS it works. I get the following error in TFS logs

<em>Start-Service : Service 'ServiceName (ServiceName)' cannot be started due to the following error: Cannot open ServiceName service on computer '.'.</em>

Then I tried changing the way I am starting the service and used SC.exe with parameters <strong>"Start ServiceName"</strong> in the InvokeProcess and I get Access Denied error in TFS as follows:-

<em>SC start ServiceName. [SC] StartService: OpenService FAILED 5: Access is denied.</em>

I am using Network Service account to run the build.

After searching a while, I have come to the conclusion that I have to run the InvokeProcess with elevated privileges but I don't know how would I do that with in TFS.

Any help is much appreciated.


We run our build agent as a custom service account and give that domain account admin access on the servers we deploy to.


I have resolved the issue by adding Network Service account to the administrator group. I might not go with this solution as it seems wrong to assign administrative rights to Network Service account but I don't know how to assign Service Start/Stop permissions to Network Service without adding this account to Administrator group.

In short, I agree with the answer that a custom service account must be used to run the build with appropriate privileges.


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