Zend Framework2 using Zfcuser & Bjyauthorize routing


I'm a beginer zend framework programmer. I did use ZfcUser for authentification and Bjyauthorize for authorization. I have to type of users : normal users and administrator . So what i want to do is to route the user to page A and admin to page B after authentification . In the Zfcuser configuation file there not this possibility we have just this line

'logout_redirect_route' => 'zfcuser/login',

how can do specify a diffrent route for my differents users?


To me your problem has nothing to do with ZfcUser or BjyAuthorize: Just let the user and the admin go inside your controller and there you can dispatch them depending on the user role.

return $this->forward()->dispatch('MyModule\Controller\Index', array('action'=>'PageB'));


Suppose you have an 'admin' role in bjyauthorize that you want to redirect to another route.

In your loginAction replace the code:

if ($this->zfcUserAuthentication()->getAuthService()->hasIdentity()) { return $this->redirect()->toRoute($this->getOptions()->getLoginRedirectRoute()); }

with this code:

if ($this->zfcUserAuthentication()->getAuthService()->hasIdentity()) { $roles = $this->serviceLocator->get('BjyAuthorize\Provider\Identity\ProviderInterface')->getIdentityRoles(); if (in_array('admin',$roles)) { return $this->redirect()->toRoute('admin_route'); } else { return $this->redirect()->toRoute('user_route'); } }


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