perl: using push() on an array inside a hash


Is it possible to use Perl's push() function on an array inside a hash?

Below is what I believe to be the offending part of a larger program that I am working on.

my %domains = (); open (TABLE, "placeholder.foo") || die "cannot read domtblout file\n"; while ($line = <TABLE>) { if (!($line =~ /^#/)) { @split_line = split(/\t/, $line); # splits on tabs - some entries contain whitespace if ($split_line[13] >= $domain_cutoff) { push($domains{$split_line[0]}[0], $split_line[19]); # adds "env from" coordinate to array push($domains{$split_line[0]}[1], $split_line[20]); # adds "env to" coordinate to array # %domains is a hash, but $domains{identifier}[0] and $domains{$identifier}[1] are both arrays # this way, all domains from one sequence are stored with the same hash key, but can easily be processed iteratively } } }

Later I try to interact with these arrays using

for ($i = 0, $i <= $domains{$identifier}[0], $i++) { $from = $domains{$identifier}[0][$i]; $to = $domains{$identifier}[1][$i]; $length = ($to - $from); $tmp_seq =~ /.{$from}(.{$length})/; print("$header"."$1"); }

but it appears as if the arrays I created are empty.

If $domains{$identifier}[0] is an array, then why can I not use the push statement to add an element to it?


$domains{identifier}[0] is not an array. <br />$domains{identifier}[0] is an array element, a scalar. <br />$domains{identifier}[0] is a reference to an array.

If it's


when you have an array, it's

@{ ... }

when you have a reference to an array, so

push(@{ $domains{ $split_line[0] }[0] }, $split_line[19]);


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